As the Crow Flies

June 11, 2014 - July 11, 2014
Opening Reception: June 11, 2014 6:00 - 9:00 pm
Gallery Hours: Please see below, and by appointment


The subtle rushing rustle of tall grasses in the wind. The easy saunter of a long legged wanderer gently languishing with each foot forward. The thunderous clamor of a stampede, its timeless rhythm a predictable pace. This is the heritage of the American landscape that sculptor Todd Isaacs, Illustrator Jeff Francoeur and photographer Ayleen Crotty evoke in As the Crow Flies.

About the Artists


Todd Isaacs is a Portland-based furniture maker who is no stranger to worlds colliding. Born and
raised in Oregon’s farmlands and forests, he moved to the big city to pursue life as an artist.
Blending country boy sensibilities with urban style, his hybrid art mixes tall tales, rawhide, and
critters with streamlined forms, animation, and pop culture icons. He uses traditional woodworking
techniques to transform solid wood into hand-crafted, sculptural pieces that straddle the fence
between folk and modern art.Website >>


Illustrator and ornithologist Jeff Francoeur creates fantastical worlds of avian flight and unlikely encounters between the creatures of the forest.


From a two months exploration circumnavigating America, comes Ayleen’s sweeping views of the country’s landscape. Her work captures the texture and heritage of remote spots on the map. Website >>

Gallery Hours

Appointments available
Open during most Disjecta events including:
Wednesday June 11, 6-9pm
Wednesday June 25, 6-9pm
Friday June 27, 7-9pm
Saturday June 28, 7-9pm

Closing Party: Sunday July 13, 4-7pm

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